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On Tuesday 16th August 2016, Pubs Of Oxford were kindly invited to the launch party of the newly renovated Joe Perks. They asked us if we wanted to come along and indulge on their fresh new food menu accompanied by some tropical cocktails. The choice was a hard one though; go home and eat fish fingers and still-slightly frozen veg whilst watching the Robocop remake... OR, go out to a trendy new bar and devour some treacle cured salmon, sipping on complimentary mojitos and having a laugh..? 

The evening started off with a little introduction from the co-owner Tom, welcoming guests as they arrived, telling us about the rum cocktails they had on offer and the recent changes they've had to the venue. He then showed us to the bar for our first few drinks. It quickly escalated onto the second round of drinks... and then the third round... and the fourth... before we bumped into our friends from Independent Oxford and Bitten Oxford.

We had a great spot out the back in the beer garden. Stuart, the general manager, would bring out dishes one after another and watch us vulture them like we'd been deprived of food for a year. That was obviously after we'd all taken beautifully filtered, Instagram worthy photos with our Nokia 3310's.

For us, the show stealer was the pudding... Cheesecake mousse, strawberries with pecan crumble sprinkled on top. WOW! Now that shit went straight down. Didn't even touch the sides. We had to ask for another board of those because we couldn't get enough. I wish I'd put one in my pocket now, but unfortunately three hours later it would've definitely looked like Sloth from the Goonies.

Overall, it was a fantastic evening. The food and drinks were delicious and the staff from Joe Perks certainly made us feel welcome. They do daily Happy Hour from 4:30pm to 7pm with bottled beer for £3, cocktails for £4 and their new special taco and cocktail for £6.50. Another visit is certainly on the cards and we recommend you go check them out. They're in St Clements, you can't miss it - it's bright yellow.

- The Team

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