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On Friday 4th September a second meeting took place at the Risinghurst Community Centre to get a progress update on reviving The Ampleforth Arms. There was a good turn out although a greater number would have been more promising. Chris Gowers, from the White Hart Wolvercote pub, gave an inspiring speech about the benefits of running the pub as a community venture - A viable option the residents of Risinghurst are persisting for.

The Risinghurst committee are working their hardest to raise as much money and interest as possible. The support is needed now more than ever to triumphantly save The Amp from the grips of property developers. The committee have created as a community meeting point for Risinghurst, but also as a help destination so others can involve themselves with resurrecting The Amp.

They also have a Facebook presence here: and a Twitter account you can visit here:

Any support and donations would be greatly appreciated. Let’s not lose another pub in Oxford!

- The Team

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