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Pub Gardens in Oxford: Part 4

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Sorry we've been away for a little while. It's been rather busy... But you don't care about that though do you? You're all like, "Fam - where's the blog?". Well, here it is. This week we're covering Oxford Retreat and The Crown. Two excellent establishments visited regularly by myself and friends.

Oxford Retreat

Another great spot to sit by the river. The large over hanging trees might seem fitting out of a Louisiana backdrop, but stop lying to yourself, you're in Oxford. Grow up. The cocktails here great, you can grab a slice of their Happy Hour between 5pm and 8pm and treat yourself to 2-4-1.

It's lovely to sit outside and chill on a traditional muggy English Saturday afternoon or evening. The customers here are friendly too; usually filled with locals or those who have persevered past the first street, after getting off the train before seeing this beauty of a pub. It's a short walk to the centre as well and to some of the clubs on Park End Street. We enjoy it as a place to drink before briefly diving in the Glee comedy club next door... And then it's back in the Retreat for a few more pints to laugh some more at the laughter we just laughed at whilst laughing-out-loud... yeah...


The Crown

I don't think you can get anymore central than The Crown. Belonging to the almighty Nicholson chain, (sister pubs are The Chequers and the Eagle and Child) this pub resides at the back of a short alleyway just next to that small independent company, McDonalds. It's seating outside is straight forward - long square tables and plenty-o-seats. It's comfortable and offers a great selection of beers. This is the pub you go to when you want to meet friends in town. If you have friends like mine though, you'll end up having about four pints before they show up late and ask, " been waiting long"? - "Nah mate, just like... three hours.. completed Candy Crush".

Even though these posts are all about Summer beer gardens, I've got to mention that this pub is super cosy in the winter. Nothing like a mulled cider or mulled wine sat underneath a heat lamp, wrapped up outside with that warming orange hue from the street lights.

The prices are average, around £3.50 - £5.00, Peroni coming in at £4.50 and Brewdog's Hop Fiction dropping by at £5.00. Again, like The Chequers, they also have a lovely selection of ales and local brews.

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