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Pub Gardens in Oxford: City Centre Part 1

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So here it is. Pubs of Oxford's first beer garden tour. Nothing screams summer more than having an ice cold fruity cider or a honey coloured beer in the sun whilst having a cheeky social smoke... or for those hipsters, a cheeky vape. Without further ado, let's have a look at the first couple of pubs. There is only one place to start - the city centre.

Head of the River

We'll start off with Head Of The River. An absolute beauty of a pub, and one that if you can get a seat at during a sunny day, you're winning. This is a pub where you should enjoy a beautiful Southern Comfort and lemonade with your close friends. You can watch the boats pull out for a ride down the river, a seagull shitting on someones head, a kid falling in or even a student admitting Oxford is better than Cambridge.

The beer garden does have plenty of seating, however, try and turn up early and not stagger in past 2pm nursing a hangover. This place fills up quick! The seating layout is well planned - some seats right by the water, some under shade and a few are connected together catering to those larger groups. It does tend to stay busy too, because it's the perfect opportunity to try out their food menu, so customers usually stick around. Make sure you're one of those people. The location is great too. You can take a stroll along the river side all way to South Oxford or it's just a short walk back into town, where you should stop by the Christ Church college grounds for a walk and burn off some of those calories. Beer prices range from around £4 - £5.25 with offerings of Peroni (£5.25 a pint), traditional ales, Bulmers and many more.

Red Lion

The Red Lion has one of those beer gardens, where the more popular it is - the better it is. It's excellent for having a cold cider on a beautiful day with a collection of friends. The interior is lovely since its refurbish many years back, but the outside is perfectly situated. It's close to everything and located just off the 'restaurant-alley' of George Street. There's plenty of open space and some under shade, so there's no excuse for those burners out there. Finding space for a big group of your mates shouldn't be a problem, you can be one of those people that turns up with four million friends in your squad and asks "is this seat is taken?" in your poshest accent... Sorry, I meant *group* not squad - what am I, twelve?

The Red Lion is great for when you've finished work and you fancy a quick pint in the sun before it buggers off. A lot of people will have the same idea so make sure you tell your boss you'd rather be having a drink in the sun, than spend another ten minutes at work. Deal with the consequences on Monday... when it's raining.

Beer and cider prices range from around £3.70 - £4.55. Offerings include some local ales, Becks, Peroni, Kopparberg and other fruity ciders.

Join us for another round next week when we take a look at The Jam Factory and The Chequers.

- The Team

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