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Photoshoot Day

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Best night ever?

Have you got any hilarious experiences involving a night on the town? Well... Most people have but can you articulate it into a coherent story? Write to us and we'll post the funniest story on our blog each week.

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Everything is slowly turning into pixels.

We're still standing, or sitting rather, after several 12 hour days wired in building the site. We are getting near the end of it now and it's looking fantastic. We're really proud of what we have achieved so far, however, we have a few important features are still yet to be added... The 'About' photos...

After much debate discussing the style of photos we have decided to choose professional ones taken out in Oxford. Facebook images taken at 3am from a Friday night out just won't cut it - plus we could do with some fresh air ! 

Check our about section to see the images taken in Oxford. We might squeeze in a couple of pints too if we can.


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