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This week, Pubs Of Oxford were invited to a studio chat with BBC Radio Oxford. It’s not often that you get an opportunity to plug your company to a large audience at such an early stage.

An hour before we got there, our nerves were rattling. We had to nip into the Dewdrop Inn before hand to calm ourselves with a cool pint of ale. We nearly ordered a few more but refrained! Once our glasses were empty, we shot over to the BBC studios where our chat took place. When we arrived, BBC radio DJ Holly Samos, welcomed us with warm words, instantly making us feel at ease. We had two five minute slots where we were asked all about the idea, development, funding and future of the company. Listen for yourself by clicking here.

It was a smooth and chilled interview made easy by Holly. We certainly had a good time and were happy with everything that was said. Thank you to those that have emailed us since listening to the conversation live.

We have lots more to say, so stay tuned and catch us on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates.

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