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New Year, New Site

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Have you got any hilarious experiences involving a night on the town? Well... Most people have but can you articulate it into a coherent story? Write to us and we'll post the funniest story on our blog each week.

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Happy 2017 you lot! Hope the January blues hasn’t bitten a hole in your leg yet.

We’ve got some serious stuff planned this year. You’ll definitely wanna be looking out for what’s coming up. We’ve been busy working on a complete overhaul of the website. It’s had a huge makeover, bringing a fresh design and will be a vast amount easier to navigate. Take a look at the screenshot below:

pubs of oxford new site screenshot

It will be a lot easier to search for pubs that facilitate exactly what you want. We’re going to continue promoting job positions as well as big events like festivals through our social media channels, so make sure you’re following us… not in a stalky way though, I know jujitsu and have tackled an entire bear cub family to the ground with my bare feet.

We’re always looking for feedback too. If you think we should include certain information on our site then please let us know. If we don’t like your feedback, we’ll just ignore it, so don’t worry about getting a cheeky ‘thanks, but no thanks’ email back. 

Keep checking the site for more news and updates, we’ll make sure that…. erm, can’t remember what I was going to write - I had a few of those mojitos at Turtle Bay today for lunch. Damn good - and the food was ace too! £7 for a lunch time special, which is on everyday. Can’t argue with that!

Thanks, bye.

- The Team

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