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About Us

What is Pubs of Oxford

Pubs Of Oxford is a revolutionary new platform for the ever growing population of Oxford to search and find all of the pubs in one place.

There are well over 100 bars and pubs in Oxford, some with treasured historical backgrounds, some playing the latest music, but all providing excellent food, drinks, events, discounts or jobs.

There isn't a strong online presence for Oxford. That's why we want to encourage everyone who lives, works or visits Oxford to understand what we're all about. We want everyone to realise the full potential Oxford and it's pubs has to offer.

We attract a huge customer base in Oxford from students, tourists and locals to foodies, connoisseurs and businesses. This is why we want to support the community and open up this platform for everyone to utilise.

How it began

The origins of Pubs Of Oxford is quite simple - as with any idea, it didn't take years of brainstorming, it was just something that we wanted to create.

Waking up hung-over one Sunday morning, we were desperate to find a pub that was still open for breakfast. After an unsuccessful web search, we trekked out to the only pubs of Oxford we knew that served a Full English. By the time we reached the pubs we were too late - it was lunchtime.

We had failed to get our delicious fry-up after wasting precious time researching. We thought it would be cool if there was a website that offered all the information regarding pubs,such as serving times for breakfast, so this catastrophe wouldn't happen again.

After joking around a little longer, it occurred to us that even though we are residents of Oxford, we knew very little about events and gigs that take place in the pubs of Oxford. How will new students and tourists find suitable attractions on an evening whilst sipping a cold beverage, or where to go for a local pub quiz, or get a discount on drinks if we didn't even know!

That's when we set out to create a website that encompassed all these unique opportunities. And so, Pubs Of Oxford was born.

Meet the team

Christopher David Sawyer

The geeky developer guy behind the build.

The pubs in Oxford have always been a passion of my own and choosing between them has always been a tedious task when planning a small Oxford adventure.

Running personal and small web projects has also been a passion, so both of those combined has resulted in this tool which I hope you enjoy and find useful!

You can normally find me venturing around Jericho or visting pubs on the Cowley road.

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Christopher David Holt

I always wanted to build something cool. Something that would be helpful to others and that I would find useful.

I relish designing and building a project with a small group of friends that can work together efficiently and still have a laugh. I come from a videographer background so trying to make images and content look nice is a passion of mine. To me, it's about creating an idea exciting enough, that I will sacrifice weekends and evenings for... even though there's nothing better than to sit in a beer garden on a warm summers day having a few drinks and chilling!

Catch me drinking an ale in a classic traditional pub or downing some shots in Oxford's newest bar

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